About Jill Watson

As a child who grew up with a profound hearing loss and a wild imagination, I loved to escape into books. There weren’t any deaf—or partially deaf—kids in any of them. Did other kids like me exist?

The Magnificent Rolling Roxie is my first #ownvoice middle-grade project. It's about a spunky hearing-impaired girl who catapults herself—and her classmates—over any obstacles that stand in their way. It won a 2020 Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Rising Kite Award.

Joyce Sweeney of The Seymour Agency is my amazing agent.

Although I've worked on both the editing and marketing sides of publishing, I'm now doing what I love best­—writing for children. And when I'm not at my laptop? You can find me dancing on my roller skates, raising butterflies, and eating way too many Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies.